Traditional oil massage in Singapore


There are many massage procedures available that requires traditional oil to carry the therapeutic effect. For example we will use Lavender oil for acupressure to massage for you.

There is a huge diversity of massage oils used in different special massage techniques and some oils are specifically for certain types of problems you mention.

Before the massage, you should inform your masseur if you have a history of recent surgeries or medical procedures, taking medication, high or low blood pressure, joint pain that reduces your range of motion or any family history of heart problems.

The massage oil that we use are pure and filtered that will not produce unpleasant smell but will be masked with fragrant essential oil during the massage, unless needed. The consistency of the oil flows easily on the skin and is not too drying but will be moisturizing for your skin to keep it hydrated and smooth for a longer period of time. So you do not need to worry about the usage of massage oil being greasy unless there are specific reasons for the use of those specific oils.

We use massage oil is to help reduce the friction between our masseurs’ hands and skin and also enhances the benefits of the massage for you. The traditional oils used can help to calm your mind and soul when inhale during the massage process. Our professional masseurs will use firm yet gentle pressure to apply strokes on your skin. The stokes will help ease tight or stiff muscles, repetitive strain or to aid recovery from an injury. You can also tell your masseur to use your preferred level of strength (low, moderate, strong).

The oils used will then penetrate deeply through your skin leaving you feeling energised and refreshed from within. It will also help increase the level of oxygen in your blood, decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation and flexibility while easing tension in your body. The choice of oil used for the massage will determine the specific result that is envisioned.

Although traditional oil are generally safe but it can be risky for some people with heart disease, kidney failure or bleeding disorder. Our masseurs will use an appropriate amount of massage oil depending on areas of massage as too much oil exposed on skin is harmful. A small drop goes a long way during the massage.


The common benefits include improving heart health, removing dead skin cells, speed up recovering of injury and relief of body aches.

Other more specific benefits are to help improve blood circulation, stimulates the surface of the skin which will lead to the production of heat and impacts the blood vessels to improve circulation. When your blood is well circulated, you will be able to see improvements from your skin appearance to the functioning of your internal organs.

Traditional Oil massage also has the ability to improve one’s mood and beat depression in the most natural way. The masseur will be able to trigger the release of certain types of hormones that will help to relieve stress and anxiety.

You do not need to a have reason to go for a traditional oil massage. For example, by using Grapeseed oil, your skin will be able to absorb nutrients well and be well moisturized just after one session of massage.

After the massage, you will feel rejuvenated and have a tranquil state of mind for the rest of the day especially after a day of work.


Before the massage, you need to be undressed wearing only disposable undergarments and lie on a flat surface. But you also have an option of wearing a towel robe as there are chances that it will be stained by the massage oils.

As the masseurs will be using massage oils to treat you, please let your masseur know if you have a specific allergy or sensitive skin as it may cause negative effects on your skin.


The rates of our traditional oil massage in Singapore are very competitive as your health and comfort is our utmost priority. The duration of the massage ranges from one hour to two hours and it is calculated by per hourly massage session.