Thai massage singapore


Thai Massage originated from India and with the incorporation of Chinese medicine, Thai Massage was founded. This classic massage is done by the masseur using their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet, knees and shin to press and manipulate your body into a series of yoga-like positions during the massage.

You will be lying on a cushioned mat with your entire body fully relaxed during the entire process, as your entire upper body weight will be supported. Therefore, your masseur is physically strong and fit to be able to support you during the massage process.

The masseur will start relaxing all your major joints from your ankles and progresses up your body to your knees and to your hips, shoulders, wrists and spine. Unlike other types of massages, only the joints are concentrated and by relaxing the joints, the body will be relaxed.

The entire massage process consists of muscle compression, joint mobilization, acupressure and stretching. Through the pressing and stretching, it will help stimulate the pressure points deep within the body.

While the poses are to help relax both the body and restore properly circulation of the energy flow. It begins with pressing to stimulate energy flow in the Sen to release blockages that results to pain until the masseur feels that your body soft tissues are adequately pressed then stretching will begin.

The stretching will begin subtly but will increase gradually, the large scale stretches are what Thai massage is known for. One of the usual stretching style is when the masseur will press down on the body with his/her body weight and keeping the elbows locked to help restore proper circulation of the energy flow. You can also tell your masseur to use your preferred level of strength (low, moderate, strong).

At the beginning you think that your body is inflexible but through the massage process, you will be surprised how flexible your body is. Regardless of health or age, you are able to go for Thai massage.


Besides the relief of constipation, headaches, back and neck pain, there are many other benefits to Thai massage, from physical to mental and to psychological effects of Thai massage.

The physical benefits are to help detox the body, boost immune system, improves posture, balance, corrects body alignments and improves athletic performance. It will also help to tone the body, strength joint and fight diseases including chronic joint problems to prevent illnesses and slows down the aging process.

The mental benefits are to help gain mental clarity, improve your perception towards life and build emotional balance, to clear and calm your mind.

The psychological effects are help boost your inner energy levels, reduce and relieve stress and anxiety, develop self-control and natural confidence and most importantly increase health and vitality.

You will be able to feel and discover the benefits and effects of doing the Thai Massage once. But to improve your body’s “qi”, you will need to continue with the process.


During the entire massage, you do not need to worry about undressing as you will always remain clothed during the entire process. But you need to be in your own loose and comfortable fitting clothing to feel relaxed when being stretched to certain positions.  There will not be any usage of oils or lubricants during the massage, so you do not need to worry about being oily or sticky after the massage.

If you are conservative and have a preference of having the same gender masseur, please mention it when you are booking an appointment. Do not worry as all our masseurs are legit and professionally trained in their services.


The rates of our Thai Massage in Singapore are very affordable as your health and comfort is our utmost priority. The duration of the massage ranges from one hour to two hours and it is calculated by per hourly massage session.