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The massage therapy

Massage is favoured by many because it works as a therapy. People sought massage to release their stress. Massage literally releases the knots of tension in the body and creates a calming feel thereafter.

With more and more people getting caught in the rat race, massage is the way to relax the body and mind. Apart from that, the feeling of being pampered adds to the self-care routine. Many feel that massage is only limited to vacation times.

We, at Mojo Massage strongly believe that massage should be incorporated into the routine. Too much stress building up due to work and family can negatively affect the health. A little ‘me time’ in the form of massage will definitely work as a therapy and make you feel rejuvenated and more than ready to face life!

At Mojo Massage, we believe that massage is one of the greatest pleasures on Earth when done correctly. We are one of the leading providers of massage service in Singapore and we are here to help you.

Right to your doorstep!

Yes, we hear you. Battling the traffic, lack of time, and difficulty in finding childcare outside of home can make you think twice to book a slot to pamper yourself. Worry not, as one of the leading service providers of massage service in Singapore, we are here to help you.

We bring highly professional massage service in Singapore right to your home! All you have to do is call us to fix a time for your massage and our masseuses will be there on the dot of the fixed time. We provide nothing but the best to our customers and your comfort is our utmost priority.

Our services

With well-trained and highly qualified masseuses, we provide many types of massage service in Singapore. The massages that we offer are Thai massage, Balinese massage, and traditional oil massage.

Thai massage uses various yoga-like poses combined with deep static and rhythmic pressure. There are no oils or lotions used in Thai massage.

Balinese massage uses acupressure, skin rolling and flicking, stroking and application of essential oils.

Traditional oil massage uses special oils that moisturizes the skin such as olive oil and sweet almond oil.

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As highly professional providers of massage service in Singapore, we are here to make you feel rejuvenated.