The Benefits of Thai Massage

Pining after a good traditional Thai massage similar to the ones you find in Bangkok? Call us at Mojo Massage for a booking today. Sit back, relax, and let our professionally trained masseuse help to dissolve the stress and tension in your body within an hour. Traditional Thai massage does not involve the use of any oils or lubricant during the process. It focuses on joint mobilisation and stretching. It also comprises of acupressure, manipulating the body into yoga postures together with Indian Ayurvedic principles. Dating back to the ancient times, Thai massage encompasses a world of benefits for the receiver.

When the masseuse manipulates the receiver’s body through different yoga-like stances, it gradually helps them to be more flexible over time. This also helps to reduce stubborn knots and strains in the back and the neck. Going for a Thai traditional massage can also helpsus to relax, helping to remove stress and tension from the muscles. It also helps to improve balance, posture, and detoxification of the body.

Another benefit of Thai traditional massage would be the improvement of mental health well-being. It is said to be as good as meditation. Studies have also found that the level of serotonin – a happy hormone, increases when people receive massages. There is also a significant reduction in the stress hormone called cortisol.

For those who have not experienced a traditional Thai massage session in Singapore, here are some things to expect. First of all, it is always a full body treatment, and the masseuse will always start from the soles of the feet. It is important for the receiver to be clothed in loose comfortable clothing as the masseuse will be moving you into different yoga stances. Do not worry about not being flexible with regards to these yoga stances, your masseuse will only stretch you as much as your limbs, muscles and joints allow.  The massage positions include: seated, lying on your back, side lying, and face down.