Balinese Massage in Singapore


Just by its name Balinese, this massage originates from Bali, one of the islands in Indonesia. This massage consists of a variety of massage techniques, ranging from skin rolling, gentle stretches acupressure, hot stone treatment, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Through the different techniques used, it will help you to stimulate the circulation of blood, oxygen and energy around your body and also to stay calm and relax. This massage is usually done on a massage platform or cushioned mat.

Before the massage, you should inform your masseur if you have a history of recent surgeries or medical procedures, taking medication, high or low blood pressure, joint pain that reduces your range of motion or any family history of heart problems. This also means disclosing any medical condition no matter how small and insignificant they may seem. Balinese massage is not recommended if you have undergone surgery or any other medical treatment to prevent worsening any conditions.

Aromatherapy plays an important role in Balinese massage. The usage of scented oil helps create a very therapeutic environment to help to soothe the mind while scented massage oil helps the masseur to execute his/her massage stroke friction-free to allow you to have a more comfortable massage process. Each of the essential oils used ranges as a masseur can use specific oils to treat specific problem as mentioned or indicated by you. Some examples of essential oils used are warm ginger, coconut or rose oil.

During a Balinese massage, the masseur will apply pressure with long and gentle strokes to work on deep, knotted tissue and muscle damage to help relieve tension and improve circulation in the muscles nearest to the surface of the skin. The general flow of the massage that the masseur will go by is from the head to the feet.

It will begin with a series of soft techniques before increasing to strong massage techniques depending on your preference. The pushing technique helps to relieve all kind of spasms and alters the mental state and calms the nerves to bring balance in the mind, soul and body of an individual.

Reflexology in Balinese massage uses similar techniques to acupressure but particularly to the pressure points on the feet, hands and ears. This will help stimulate some of the body’s internal organs to respond and allow the masseur to address some of the internal issues that were causing you discomfort.

There is emotional and spiritual effect to this massage and it is most suitable for people who feel emotionally drained or stressed. After the entire massage process, you will smell awesome and also feel relaxed, refreshed and re-energised in body and spirit.


Besides providing relief of migraine, depression and headache, there are also many other benefits for Balinese massage. From relieving of symptoms related to allergies, relieves the mental effects of stress and anxiety, repairs damaged muscles and tissues, soothes joint, help with sleep disorders and boosts one immunity levels. With the usage of aromatherapy, it will provide a serene atmosphere and changes the mental state to help rebalance the body and boost your mood.

Balinese massage is exceptionally useful for sports injury as it targets deeper layers of muscle and aids circulation.


Before the massage, you need to be undressed wearing only disposable undergarments and lie on a flat surface. But you also have an option of wearing a towel robe as there are chances that it will be stained by the essential oils.

As the masseurs will be using essential oils to treat you, please let your masseur know if you have a specific allergy or sensitive skin as it may cause negative effects on your skin.


The rates of our Balinese massage in Singapore are very reasonable as your health and comfort is our utmost priority. The duration of the massage ranges from one hour to two hours and it is calculated by per hourly massage session.